Happy Independence Day India 2018: Colors and Meanings

15 august independence day

Independence Day is celebrated on 15 August of every year and is observed as the national holiday in India. The day 15th August 1947, commemorates the independence of the nation from the British rule. The independence of India was attained by following the independence movement, largely the civil disobedience and the nonviolent resistance which was led by the Indian National Congress (INC). Here we have our unique collection of Indian Tri-Color Images, Indian Flag Wallpapers and Tiranga Pictures that you can share with your friends and make this more special for yourself. You can download these Happy Independence day Tiranga Image, Tiranga pictures, Indian flag, Tiranga colour message and Tricolour wallpapers easily.

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The Importance of Tiranga, Indian Flag

Yes, that’s what we call our Tri-color flag as it has 03 horizontal bars of the three most significant colors which are saffron, white and green. In the second bar, there is a wheel in the middle that is known as the chakra. It was gained on July 24, 1947, when the country was awakening from the British rule.


The symbols have a very significant and important representation. The wheel in the middle of the flag goes by the name of Ashoka chakra which is the wheel of dharma. The flag symbols speak in a unique manner about all the traditions represented by India. Also, it represents India in motion as it symbolizes the key to forwarding progress.


The first color in the flag is the saffron color which encourages selflessness and courage. This color is more than important to Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain religions as it represents renunciation and absolution of ego. This color is meant to remind political leadership so as to conduct their work without seeking and kind of material gains but for the nation’s good.


This color in the middle of the flag is the symbolic representation of purity, honesty, and peace. As per the philosophy of India, this color also represents cleanliness and knowledge. The path of truth and light is signified so as to guide India’s national conduct. The political representation of this white stripe functions as the reminder to India’s initiative that the final political objective is to preserve a state of peace.


This is the last strip that lies at the bottom of the flag and it represents fertility, faith, and prosperity. This color is considered as festive and the stabilizing color that symbolizes life and happiness as per the Indian philosophy. This color is considered to be the value of this planet earth upon which all the life forms are dependent.

Independence Day Tri-Color Images, Wallpapers & Pictures

Here we have some amazing Tiranga Images, Happy Independence day Wallpapers, Indian Flag photos. To download these precious images all you need to save them on your system/mobile and you are free to use them.

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Indian Tiranga Images 2018 | Tri-color wallpapers

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15 august indian tiranga images

The political approach of the colour is to protect Indian soil both from outer enemies and from internal human consumption. Stay tuned with us for more updates like Happy Independence day Images, Tiranga colour message, wallpapers, wishes and SMS. Here we are going to share everything that you need the check on this Independence Day 2018.

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