Naraka Chaturdashi Images, Greetings & Pictures 2018

Naraka Chaturdashi Images, Greetings & Pictures: According to Srimad Bhagavatam, Naraka is the asur son of mother Earth Bhudevi (Bhumi) and Varaha (third avatar of Narayan). A peace-loving and pious Naraka became an evil and cruel demon, Narakasur due to his association with a demon named Banasura. Naraka added the suffix of ‘asur’ to his name to become Narakasur. He troubled his subjects and ill-treated women, something that cost him his life eventually. When the news of Narakasur humiliating women reached the ears of Satyabhama, wife of Lord Krishna, she became enraged.

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Naraka Chaturdashi Images

Naraka Chaturdashi Images Naraka Chaturdashi Images-2017 Naraka Chaturdashi Images-pictures-2017

Naraka Chaturdashi Greetings

Naraka Chaturdashi Images-pictures-2017naraka chaturdashi, choti diwali, krishna kill narukasura Choti-Diwali-Wishes-Quote-SMS Choti Diwali Images-pictures-wallpapers

Naraka Chaturdashi Pictures

Naraka Chaturdashi Pictures-images-facebook-dp Naraka Chaturdashi Pictures-2017


It is believed that an offering should be made to Yamatarpan (offering to Yamraj) so that one can overcome an untimely death. However, people should consult their religious gurus before performing this ritual.

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People believe that offering the meal to brahman on Narak Chaturdashi is a way to thank the God who has several times in different incarnations destroyed demons, evils. By performing these rituals, one spreads the message of Dharma.

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